Fondazione Gioia e Romeo ONLUS

The trust “Fondazione Gioia e Romeo ONLUS“ is a non-profit organisation founded in 2014 and operational since September 2016 in order to support our closest animal species: the dog. It is a registered charity in the local legal registry at 390 on 18/12/2015.


After many years of difficulties and complications with planning permission, eventually our vision has become real. Nothing comparable to standard and usual kennels with huge impersonal and cold sheds: in fact our structure fits harmoniously in the surrounding landscape and guaranties to each “four pawed” guest a welcoming and comfortable homelike site during its stay. 


The advanced idea of our premises foresees a major cultural innovation, from a labelled structure such as “dogs discharge area” into a public fenced park area, opened to its neighbourhood, in order to let privately owned dogs socialize with rescued ones.

Therefore our premises are not only confined to refugee puppies, but it is inspired by the following principle:

  • An adequate structure, able to manage, support and train any interaction between humans and dogs.
  • A properly integrated structure within its surrounding settlements.
  • A meeting point for dog lovers and carers.
  • A further opportunity for “pet therapy”, not exclusively restricted to disabled.
  • Rescuing and reassessing stray dogs, promoting public awareness and safety against canine aggression.
  • A temporary shelter for homeless dogs and a rehoming centre.
  • An informing platform on animal spaying and the chance to avoid unplanned litters.
  • A big park to enjoy dog walks, fully open to visitors.
  • An educating campaign against casting out and ill-treating animals in order to support students and future dog owners in their responsibilities and behaviour within their social pattern.

Among our priorities we wish to reduce the, unfortunately still existent, clash between a true dog´s need and what it is provided with. Therefore we focus on a zoo-anthropological knowledge, managed by qualified and trained staff, aiming to fulfil these goals.