Fondazione Gioia e Romeo ONLUS

Help to help, contribute actively by donating in order to support both dogs‐trust and grounds‐care. All gifts are welcome!

Donations suggestions:

  • One‐Time Donation
    Via bank transfer or Paypal online: references at bottom page.
  • Standing order
    In order to ensure continual support to the establishment, contact your bank and ask for standing order pro: “Fondazione Gioia e Romeo ONLUS”.
    Why opt?
    • It’s convenient: you choose the donations frequency and the deposits end anytime, without tracking deadlines.
    • It is more efficient: regular support allows us to plan better outlays and to reduce administration fees, appointing therefore more means for our activities.
  • Legacy
    If you love animals and mean contributing for the well‐being of our sheltered dogs in a timeless way, you may support us in their favour by mentioning the “Fondazione Gioia e Romeo ONLUS” in your will or endowment policy. By addressing a notary or simply us you will obtain apt information and have anytime withdraw option.


Donation via Paypal:

Paypal is an online tool which permits safe payments, you may send your donation using your credit card details addressing it to our recipient email: Furthermore, if you refer your payment to “family & friends” we will avoid extra fees charges.

Click following button in order to pay now:

Donation via bank transfer:

Fondazione Gioia e Romeo ONLUS
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